Thor Foresight

You don’t need help when your computer is already infected. You NEED it not to happen IN THE FIRST PLACE But when your antivirus can’t keep up, Heimdal can!


THOR FORESIGHTS PROACTIVE engines are hard at work to keep your apps from exposing you to cyber attacks, Heimdal updates them automatically. This blocks 85% of attack angles and makes updates hassle-free! To ensure that malware doesn’t infect your computer in the first place, Thor Foresight scans all your incoming and outgoing Internet traffic. When it spots a connection to a malicious website or server, it blocks it. 


Traffic filtering also blocks malware from collecting your data and transferring it to cyber criminal infrastructure.

We’ve all had enough of data breaches! THOR FORESIGHT does all this and more in a split second! All due to its intelligence and predictive abilities.


No slowdowns, no hassle and fantastic support.


Security you can trust.

Heimdal Thor Foresight
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Thor Vigilance

On its own Thor Vigilance already leads threat detection field, but when supplied with the IOC/IOA intelligence detected from in Thor Foresight, the Thor Vigilance module will be able to stop otherwise undetectable threats from running or from running or from running or from running or from running or executing.

With a 99.9% detection rate, Thor Vigilance will even detect stealthy next-gen threats and isolate them. Using all the techniques used by both traditional and next-gen anti-virus engines, Heimdal offers superior detection.

Signature/File Based Scanning

Heimdal Thor detection and remediation uses full in-memory and file scanning combined with the latest signatures locally available to provide leading edge traditional type anti-virus detection and protection.

Real-Time Cloud Scanning

All unknown files are sent to Heimdal's cloud to detect malware. which is not yet known to the local database. Using real-time cloud hash scanning topped with machine learning detection algorithms, gives an unparralled detection.

Sandbox and Infrastructure checking

All files that still do not show up as malware are then further executed in a sandbox to see if they act as malware. This is done by also checking the file communication to see if it tries to contact command and control servers.

Heuristic/Behaviour Based scanning

If allowed to execute, Heimdal Thor detection and remediation continues to monitor processes with heuristic and behaviour patterns to give its next-gen anti-virus the ability to detect even stealthy 2nd generation malware.

Heimdal Thor Vigilance

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