Your free consultation

Making the right choices in IT can be a daunting task and since your information is critical to your business, you can't afford to compromise with its quality. A consultation with Iles Systems Ltd will allow us to assess your current system, allowing us to identify and make recommendations based on your businesses requirements.

We'll speak with you about how you work and what your future needs might be make suggestions if we feel we can help you make improvements, there's no fuss and no fee.

6 Ways Your Business Could Benefit

Increased Efficiency

IT infrastructure is not one-size-fits-all. While some businesses can get by with a basic router, a couple of PC's, and a few yards of network cable, most businesses could benefit from custom infrastructure.

An ISL consultation could help you determine if you need more equipment, less equipment, or different equipment in order to streamline your IT.


Your business may be running an anti-virus solution on the desktops and servers, but that is probably as far as your IT security goes.

Your business likely needs a more robust security setup, and an ISL consultation can tell you exactly what that setup is.

Disaster Recovery

What is your disaster recovery solution if something goes wrong? Backup tapes? External hard drives? Cloud Backup? None of the above? Without a solid disaster recovery plan in place, theft, fire, or flood could leave your business high and dry.

Your data IS your business,  consultation with ISL can help you put measures in place to keep your data secure and reduce the risk of data loss.

Reduce Downtime

Everyone is are at their best when they focus on their core competencies. The time and effort spent on figuring out IT has a very real cost in both time and money.

Researching solutions, implementing new technology and fixing problems can be extremely inefficient for non IT professionals. Outsourcing IT frees internal staff to spend time focusing on revenue-generating opportunities and the business.

Access to Otherwise Unavailable Vendor Support

When available, technology manufacturers support is basic and often unreliable which can become frustrating for SME's that call customer support but rarely receive it.

Through a relationship with an IT service provider, businesses can enjoy the benefits of access to Microsoft, Cisco and thousands of other technology vendors.

Reduced Costs and Controlled Expenses

Outsourcing IT provides a very good saving rate. SME's spend 25% - 50% less when outsourcing their IT over the cost of employing a single full-time IT employee.

Additional cost savings are realized since recruiting, training, holiday & sick day turnover issues are taken out of the equation when utilizing outsourced IT support. Costs can be budgeted, fixed and controlled.